Key Figures

Food security
People in Need 123 K
Population Targeted 41.2 K
Budget requirement USD 2.33 M
31 Dec 2020
Population in Need 158 K
Population Targeted 59.3 K
Budget Requirement USD 4.68 M
31 Dec 2020
Humanitarian Transportation
Population in Need 4.79 K
Population Targeted 769
Budget Requirement USD 150 K
31 Dec 2020
Population in Need 216 K
Population Targeted 36.1 K
Budget Requirement USD 2.29 M
31 Dec 2020

Strategic lines for the sector


Promote access to water, sanitation and hygiene services in the northern part of the country, especially where there are irregular border crossings for refugees and migrants.


Provide new temporary shelter and match existing ones through the delivery of adequate equipment for its operation and trained personnel for its management.


Provide food kits to refugees and migrants as well as households, especially those in vulnerable situations.


Assist refugees and migrants located at the northern part of the country, with the prior coordination of local authorities, to move to other parts of Chile, contributing to family reunification.



Contact Information

  • International Organization for Migration - IOM

         Francisca Valdivia

  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees - UNHCR

         Daniela Peirano