Data and information in the RMRP

Over the past years, the Regional Platform has improved data availability and transparency as means to better understand the needs of refugees and migrants from Venezuela across the 17 countries of the R4V response; as well as to better plan and monitor the inter-agency response.

Covering the entire program cycle of the RMRP, relevant data, ranging from Needs Assessments, to figures on population projections, People in Need (PiN), targets, and financial requirements, is transparently shared with all R4V partners and stakeholders. To further enhance the regional coherence of Joint Needs Assessments (JNA), in 2022 a regional questions library was implemented to facilitate the development of a regional Needs Assessment report with comparable data and indicators.

The important work of each of the 228 R4V partners is available through an interactive dashboard - the RMRP Activity Explorer – showing activities implemented in each Platform, Country (at the administrative level-1), and Sector; with raw data on the response monitoring available on the HDX platform. This user-friendly tool builds on the data sets provided by each R4V partner during the planning of the RMRP and the subsequent monitoring of activities, allowing for a transparent tracking of commitments made by R4V partners against their funding requirements and self-defined targets, and contributing to continued improvements of the RMRP’s data accuracy and quality.

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