Key Figures

Assistance delivered under the RMRP 2022
Target Blanco
People In Need 159 K
People Reached 56 K
31 Oct 2022
Financial Requirements (RMRP 2023 - 2024)
Requerimientos financieros
USD 165 M
Financial requirements of our 21 RMRP partners
01 Dec 2022
People In Need (Venezuelans and Host Community)
PiN Blanco
PIN 2023 408 K
PIN 2024 443 K
01 Dec 2022
People Targeted (Venezuelans and Host Community)
People Targeted 2023 190.4 K
People Targeted 2024 206.4 K
01 Dec 2022

About the National Platform of Chile

The National Platform of Chile is a coordination mechanism to facilitate the response to refugees and migrants from Venezuela, and their host communities, in the country. It is co-led by UNHCR and IOM and since 2020 has existed independently from the Southern Cone Platform, from where it works with its 26 partners, including UN agencies, international and local NGOs, and the Red Cross Movement in a complimentary manner to the Chilean Government's response.


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RMRP 2023-2024 Chile 2-Pager
27 Nov 2022

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RMRP 2023-2024 Regional Summary
27 Nov 2022

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Datos y Estadísticas
Evaluación Conjunta de Necesidades - Plataforma Chile | RMRP 2022
02 Mar 2022

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Handbook for the design of temporary collective accommodations in the Americas

The manual is a reference guide that provides key recommendations for the spatial planning and design of Temporary Collective Shelters in the Americas. These recommendations are based on the practical experiences accumulated by different actors in the lodging sector and other service providers. The intention of this manual is to provide the reader with criteria that will help him/her make decisions when planning and defining the location and characteristics of the different spaces that make up a Temporary Collective Accommodation. Likewise, the intention is to assess the impact that spatial decisions have on the welfare of the people assisted and their environment, with special focus on Protection, Health and Environment. The manual will be useful both for interventions in existing buildings and for new constructions.

16 April 2024
Training Material
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R4V Response - Chile 2022

Durante el 2022, los socios de la Plataforma Nacional de Chile R4V han brindado asistencia a personas refugiadas, migrantes y comunidades de acogida, en distintos sectores y regiones del país. El siguiente producto presenta las cifras de asistencia directa e individual a la población a partir de reglas de agregación por lo que pueden incluir personas que fueron asistidas por varias actividades.

"Fútbol Más (More Football)" Project

This sports program, developed in 2022 by Fundación Fútbol Más in collaboration with UNHCR and IOM (within the framework of the R4V Platform), aimed to promote the inclusion and well-being of children and young people.


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R4V Chile Partners

ACNUR  | ASOVEN  | Asociación Amigos Migrantes Sin Frontera  | Cáritas Chile  | Colectivo Sin Fronteras  | Compromiso Migrante FASIC  | FICR | Fundación Espacio Migrante  | Fundación Scalabrini  | INCAMI  | Inmigrante Feliz  | MOVILH  | OIM  | ONUSIDA  | OMS/OPS  | OIT  | ONUMUJERES  | ONG Migrantes por el Maule  | Organización Transformando vidas  | RIADIS  | SJM  | UNESCO  | UNICEF  | Vicaría de pastoral  | World Vision

26 organizations comprise the National Coordination Platform, of which 21 are RMRP 2023 - 2024 partners.